We love small weddings

Often, brides and grooms planning a small or simple wedding have a hard time finding a good photographer who will accept a wedding under a certain number of hours. They need to keep their dates open for larger weddings. I love shooting small weddings. It is a special experience to be a part of an intimate affair and I don't take that privilege lightly.

If you are planning a small wedding or only wanting photography for a part of the day, you can call or email me and we can talk about your wants and needs. When you book Studio Branson Photography for your small wedding, we don't contract it out to a less experienced shooter, you are booking us, Elizabeth and Michael. We come to shoot your small wedding with the same artistic eye and experience that we bring to large, all day events. You don't need to sacrifice the quality or expectations of your wedding photos just because you are having a small wedding. You deserve the same beautiful images as any other wedding.

Because of the unique nature of each small wedding, we need to have a conversation about what you want from you wedding photography to talk about the investment range. We will custom tailor a collection for you. It all starts with a call or an email. I can't wait to talk to you!