Should you do a First Look?


I wish I had been able to convince Michael to do a first look. He tells me now he regrets not doing it.

5 Benefits of a First Look:

1. More time for couple pictures. I wish we had more pictures of just the two of us or had time for more fun candid shots with our bridal party from our wedding.

2. Private time together before the big event. You most likely won’t have a private moment together until you are in the get-away car or the honeymoon suite. This time can also help calm your nerves.

3. Get your pictures when you are at your best. Your hair and makeup will be fresh. I cried during our ceremony and had to quickly redo my makeup before pictures. My pre-ceremony pictures were so much better.

4. Get to the party faster! By having couple and bridal party pictures taken care of before the ceremony, all you have to do is knock out the family formals and then you are on your way to the party. Extra points for getting the family together before the ceremony as well.

5. Daylight. If you are having an evening wedding, especially in the fall or winter, the beautiful light of the sun is gone when the ceremony finishes. Especially if you have an evening wedding in a beautiful location, you should do a First Look to take advantage of the sun.


I wrote the above post several years ago. I want to add that every couple who had a first look with us was so glad they did. My aunt's husband really benefited with some alone time with her before the wedding. His favorite picture from the whole wedding was a candid I captured during their first look. Another couple was able to have beautiful beach photos at a location far from the ceremony and reception and got to just enjoy the party of their wedding and relax with guests.

Not everyone will choose a first look, and I always respect their decision. Every couple and every wedding is unique. In today's wedding culture, just keep in mind that you are able to do what works for you and don't need to feel encumbered by traditions and other's expectations.